Ticket touting, or scalping, refers to the practice of reselling tickets for events at inflated prices, often leaving genuine fans unable to attend their favourite shows or events. This unethical practice not only hurts consumers but also damages the integrity of live events and experiences.

As an event organiser, we feel responsible to do all that we can to prevent real fans being forced to pay inflated ticket prices or potentially missing out on the event altogether. For this reason, we have prevented resale of Forbidden Forest tickets on the secondary market.

We constantly strive to make our events bigger and better each year but unfortunately, the rate at which we can expand Forbidden Forest is still not enough to meet the demand for tickets. With this, comes an opportunity for touts and scalpers to purchase tickets ahead of real fans, with the goal of re-selling them at a higher price. This also opens the door for criminals who are looking to defraud customers by offering fake tickets online.

By preventing the resale of tickets and because we require every customer to match their ID to their e-ticket, we are preventing touts and scammers from taking these tickets away from genuine fans, giving our customers every opportunity available to attend Forbidden Forest.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter and will continue to work hard towards growing Forbidden Forest year on year.

Please only use authorised ticket outlets

  • TIXR

Be aware of ticket scammers. Only buy tickets from our authorised sellers to guarantee entry to the festival. Forbidden Forest 2025 is an E-Ticket only event. There are no physical tickets.

Valid Photo ID that matches the name on the ticket will be required to gain entry.